Who are we? We are Jemala.

Jemala Pty Ltd (Who are we?) is an Australian-owned family-company who has been at the forefront of ultrafine wool technology and its’ application in luxury garments and accessories for over 20 years. We produce the finest woollen knitwear in the World, bar none and the most fabulous ultrafine wool Ringshawls®. Our products are worn by European Royalty, Heads of State and “A-listers”, amongst others. We source ethically produced natural fibres and employ the best artisans in the World to process and manufacture our luxury products. All of our garments and accessories are designed and manufactured to be long-lasting and at the end of their long lifetime, all of our products are fully biodegradable.

“You have a remarkable product (which goes without saying) but also such committed and caring service alongside it. I can’t express enough how much your support has meant for my label. Thank you so much! Look forward to our future working together.”

Jacinta Demetriou, Australian-based designer at Jacinta James