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Working in Melbourne

In April 2018, Jeff went down to Melbourne to meet with Jacob from J’Aton Couture. Jacob was taken with our products and we were taken by Jacob’s obvious passion and expertise. Jacob’s challenge to us is to produce Warmsilk® in a heavier weight; a challenge that we have accepted. We hope that a long-term collaboration results from this promising start and we will keep you posted as developments arise. In the photograph you can see, from left to right, Jeff and Jacob, discussing a swatch of Warmsilk®.

Jemala and Carbone Master Tailors met again. To the right we see Kellie Carbone and Jeff with a shirt expertly made by Domenico Carbone from our fabulous new fabric, Warmsilk®. A big thank you to Domenico and Kellie for helping us to discover just how luxurious Warmsilk® can be! You can find Carbone Master Tailors at 297 Lygon St, Brunswick East. They are the best of the best! Give them a call on: (03) 9380 2695.

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