Yorta Yorta Kangaroo Scarf – 10mm Fringe


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Made from Jemala – The Golden Fibre®

This scarf has been woven from ultra-fine Australian merino wool and printed with an original Yorta Yorta design by Dennis Baksh.

11 in stock

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This scarf is printed with an original design by Dennis Baksh. The red ochre dots represent the father teaching his son (Black dots) how to hunt the Kangaroo (White dots). In the centre of the piece is an example of the ideal kangaroo which can still be found today travelling through Yorta Yorta country. Dennis Baksh is a descendant of the Yorta Yorta tribe from the Murray River region in Northern Victoria. His artwork reflects various aspects of aboriginal culture, often depicting animals and the environment he grew up in. His paintings tell stories passed down from generations about the dreamtime, Aboriginal traditions and his own history.

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Yorta Yorta Kangaroo


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