Women’s Rare & Collectable Garments

Limited edition garments for the discerning lady. Specially made in small numbers, only a handful of each garment exists in the world. Feel free to browse for a rare and exclusive piece – before it’s gone!

  • We are very excited by this new range of Collectors Edition shawls. Self patterned in a jacquard weave by world premier weavers, these shawls come in four patterns and are a generous 1400mm wide. At 13.4 micron these shawls are made with the finest wool we have processed yet. With only 20 made this season in the world you are sure to stand out with this very limited edition shawl. Shawl on left, available jacquard patterns on right.
  • Every now and then you come across something so beautiful that you just have to have it. This was the case for PG when she saw this hand embroidered shawl which was over six months in the making. She says, "I found this shawl in Amritsar.  A quaint man in his mid 80’s, J.S. Madan is one of the best and most experienced weavers I have come across. His eye for detail is seen in the exquisite hand embroidery on this beautiful garment. It caught my immediate attention when Madan first showed me samples of his work." Only one available due to the unique nature of hand produced work.