Kiton Men’s Clothing

The name “kiton” originates from the word “chitone”, the ceremonial garment worn by ancient Greek aristocracy. These pieces symbolise classicism, quality and social distinction. Constructed by hand from the finest natural fabrics, garments from Kiton exemplify the label’s focus on quality and refinement. Assuredly masculine forms and a selection of deep, opulent hues typify these pieces, which are also dominated by slick lines. As providers of yarns to Kiton men’s clothing, we demonstrated  our quality workmanship and knowledge in the industry that we administer. Luxury is an understatement when you deal with the greats here at Jemala and we take pride in having such a standout brand and reputation.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the innovators and stylistic geniuses here at Jemala  have surpassed Kiton’s  sweaters so that  all our clients to indulge in the best knitwear on Earth. We take pride in our collection and through the power of ultrafine wool technology, you can browse our gallery and see the elegance for yourself. Jemala exists for the love of fashion and the drive for innovation within the fashion industry. We believe in empowering individuality. Our mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.  This is  what  diversifies  Jemala  and  sets  us  apart  from  competition. Through our contemporary and safe online buying platform, you are now provided with the unique opportunity to browse and purchase selected pieces.

If you are in the market seeking the utmost finest men’s clothing that is maintained by the greatest and most knowledgeable team in Australia and supercedes Kiton, seek no further. Contact us today and speak with a lovely member of staff to get a better insight on our elite men’s clothing range.