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jemala clothing

Interested in a Wellbeing Wardrobe? Like using sustainable materials?  We use pure protein fibres which are carbon sinks and are long lasting, very flexible and bacteriostatic. Yes bacteriostatic.

Our fibres weren’t produced by a chemical engineer. They grow naturally and are harvested annually, locking up a fresh lot of carbon day by day as they grow.

Our self replicating fibre producers don’t need to encroach on arable land where your food is grown. They are not fussy eaters and their waste products fertilise the ground they have walked over. Just another natural cycle that benefits us all.

Jemala is involved in every step of the production of our garments, from the source of the fibre to the finished product.

This is perhaps the best kept secret in our influencer driven marketplace.

jemala winter clothing

Jemala garments are the height of luxury, made from extremely rare, ultrafine wool. Best worn next to the skin, Jemala feels finer than both cashmere and pashmina and does not cling like silk.

Wearing a Jemala garment or accessory is a sensual experience.
Jemala must be felt to be believed!

“I have been working with textiles for a very long time, it is a joy every season to travel to the great European mills in Italy , Austria, France and Switzerland to mention a few of my favourites. There great warm fabrics for the winter months and of course the lighter weights for when the temperature warms up together with the great designs and colours that these weavers design are always changing and evolving.

It is rare that a fabric comes along which causes one to pause and simply admire and appreciate the ingenuity that is this new cloth ‘Warmsilk’ . The combination of the World’s finest wool with silk has brought an incredible new cloth, that is warm when cold, cold when warm, wrinkle free, dry on the skin and all from fibres that have evolved over millions of years.

Together as one, simply perfection.”

Robert Emmett, London
“The sweater arrived! Thank you very much. It is fantastic and my wife says that the colour is perfect. It seems to be of highest quality, also in particular the linking, not to speak of the material. Just beautiful.
Nearly too precious to wear!”
Klaus Steger, CEO Sudwolle
“The fabric is immaculate. It’s drape, sheen, warmth yet cool to the touch, barely makes you feel like you are wearing it.

I have worked within the textile supply chain for 20 years seeing fabrics from all walks of life! As a designer in textiles, I need to select carefully the right raw material to ensure the quality can be the best it can be, no matter how it is woven, knitted or finished. When it comes to technologies today I feel excited about what can be achieved, learning from experts in their craft, creating textiles to push our imagination. Warmsilk® is a fabric that demands attention. You want to touch it and to feel its’ cool silky handle, yet when you wear it and feel like its’ almost not touching your skin, yet you have a feeling of warmth that can only be described as the warm blanket you have been sleeping in.”

Marianne McLean-Atkins, Hong Kong designer
“I have received today your wonderful sweater and I thank you very much. A particularly pleasant and welcome gift for a fan of absolutely “special” and “unique” fibres like me. I am very proud to wear one of the rarest and precious item ever produced in the world.”
Alberto Frignani, CEO Gruppo Tessile Industriale Spa
“Love it”. (He has already ordered one!)
Laurence Modiano, Head of G. Modiano Ltd, London
“I have absolutely loved working with the Jemala fabrics! Thanks for this opportunity and I look forward to including in my AW19 Collection.”
Natalie Begg, Melbourne Based designer
“You have a remarkable product (which goes without saying) but also such committed and caring service alongside it. I can’t express enough how much your support has meant for my label. Thank you so much! Look forward to our future working together.”
Jacinta Demetriou, Australian-based designer at Jacinta James

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