Gill Family
Benalla, Victoria, Australia

Ian Gill with one of
Jema's Ultrafine Saxon Merinos

Jemala is an Australian company that produces and markets the finest woollen knitwear in the world.

Jemala is an associate company of Jematt Pty Ltd that grows the world famous Jema fibre. The name "Jema" is coined from the names, Jeffrey and Matthew, the sons of the owners, Ian and Phyllis Gill. The brand, "Jemala", is coined from these names, together with the first two letters of the names of their five grandchildren, Jennifer, Emily, Alexandra, Lachlan, and Lauren.

Jema is based at Benalla, in Victoria, Australia. Benalla, "The Rose City", is the gateway to the Victorian Alps and the wine growing areas of North East Victoria. Ian and Phyllis settled here in 1985.

Phyllis and Ian have extensive backgrounds in the field of education, but have always had a close affinity with the land, since Ian graduated with honours from Dookie Agricultural College in 1958. Combining Phyllis's innate ability to judge good quality stock, and Ian's flair for progressive and lateral thinking, the two of them have always been at the cutting edge of agricultural pursuits.

Jeffrey is a postdoctoral research scientist and ensures that Jema remains at the forefront of trends in animal production and breeding technologies, through Jemala’s sister company, Jema Genetics.

Matthew manages day-to-day operations at "Jema". He is a fully qualified wool-classer, and has completed the specialist Superfine Wool-classer Course run by Canberra Institute of Technology, under the auspices of the Australian Superfine Wool Growers Association. He has worked intensively with Mr. Vic Gready, who has put together more 1PP wool bales (the highest award for quality) than any other wool classer. Matt has also completed a postgraduate business management course at Deakin University. He is able to advise and help guide the company's directions for the future, ensuring that budgets and financial strategies are adhered to.

Matthew's wife, Bev, is also a qualified wool-classer and performs many of the routine procedures that are integral to the production of our high quality product.

A passion and enthusiasm to produce the best in the world drives all who have come into contact with Jemala. This applies particularly to the family who runs Jema. All members of the Gill family believe that woolgrowers who concentrate on quality rather than quantity, will be the long-term success stories of the wool industry. The people involved in, and with Jemala, have a common ethos and a commitment to quality and satisfaction in delivering this quality onwards.