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Jemala Yarn

Jemala, The Golden Fibre, is a rare natural fibre produced under chemical free conditions. This enhances the fibre's natural growth tendencies, while reducing the seasonal variations that accompany field growth in the great outdoors.

Natural wool fibres frequently vary in thickness by up to 8 microns along their length due to seasonal and stress factors. Jemala Ultrafine Saxon Merino fibres normally only vary by a maximum of 0.5 micron along their length.

In short, it is a knitter's delight. It is already creating considerable interest, and is generating requests for information from around the globe.

Jemala Yarn

yarn (yärn) n. 1. A continuous strand of twisted threads of natural or synthetic material, such as wool or nylon, used in weaving or knitting. 2. Informal. A long, often elaborate narrative of real or fictitious adventures; an entertaining tale. [1]

In Australia, a yarn is also colloquially known as an entertaining tale, because of the many strands that make up the tale. Shearers were well known to tell yarns while shearing the wool off sheep. Some were long, some were colourful and many yarns told were historic, captivating and exquisite in their detail. Yarns were entertaining and had people enthralled.

Jemala - The Golden Fibre yarns have these same properties... long, colourful, exquisite and captivating.

Produced by some of Australia’s finest Ultrafine Saxon Merinos, there are more strands in a Jemala yarn that any other. And what a story they tell. It is a story of years taken to acquire knowledge to maximize animal health, nutrition and breeding, painstaking fibre selection by elite specialists, research and development to optimise yarn performance and an unconditional commitment to quality.

Jemala - The Golden Fibre lends itself to classic designs, and performs marvellously in processing and wear. Always elegant and fresh, pliable and sensuous, this natural fibre breathes and caresses the body, and redefines the word "drape". Jemala - The Golden Fibre is proud to enthral you with their yarns.


Jemala - The Golden Fibre yarn's prime attribute is its rarity.

Produced by some of Australia's finest Ultrafine Saxon Merinos, Jemala - The Golden Fibre's raw product is transformed into exquisite "Top" with a hauteur of 62 millimetres (nearly twice as long as cashmere) and spun to Jemala - The Golden Fibre's exacting specifications by the most reputable spinners in Italy.

Jemala - The Golden Fibre yarn boasts an impressive list of features:

    · Rare
    · Soft
    · Finer and purer than cashmere - no trouble with guard hairs.
    · Lustrous, bright and white,
    · Much longer, stronger and more even than any natural comparable fibres.
    · Extremely flexible and elastic
    · Superior handle and extremely low rates of shrinkage and felting.
    · Natural and biodegradable.
    · Moisture absorbent.
    · Fire resistant
    · Durable
    · Sensuous when worn next to the skin

[1] Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.