Ian and Phyllis Gill

No comparable natural fibre

The focus of the whole Jemala enterprise is on quality, which brings with it a focus on our way of viewing the world. To do everything to the best of our ability, to take criticism as a stimulant, to encompass a philosophical approach and to understand the word "quality" (as espoused by Robert Pirsig, in his timeless book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"), as a bridge between the worlds of science and art, is an interesting and stimulating challenge.

All the way along the process, from Ultrafine Saxon Merino wool to Ultrafine Apparel, quality is the guiding force. In producing the world's record for the finest bale of wool, there was no room for compromise on quality. Production is small, because of the quality and rarity of the end product.
This rarity is ensured through the work of Jemala’s sister company, Jema Genetics.

Jemala has no comparable natural fibre. Jemala yarn's prime attribute is its rarity. Shah Toosh and Vicuna are both encountering prohibition problems in world trade. Neither matches the other characteristics of Jemala.