Jemala Yarn

Luxury Jemala Yarn

Jemala - The Golden Fibre is 14.0 micron, making it the finest wool commercially available for knitwear. The rare fibre is grown in Australia by the Gill family's Jema Merino Stud, who held the world record for the finest bale of wool ever grown.

Jema's Ultrafine Saxon Merinos are housed in a specially controlled environment to ensure fibre variation along each fibre is minimised. The sheep are carefully monitored to optimize their cleanliness and health.

The fibre is harvested only when the fibre reaches 72 millimetres in length, and is harvested by a fastidious shearer who pays careful attention to ensure fibre length is maximised. Once shearing is completed, the finest parts of the fleece are selected by a wool classer with the highest qualifications in ultrafine wool preparation.

Jemala - The Golden Fibre is then sent to Italy for processing. This step is taken because the best and most skillful processors of wool need to be used to ensure the highest quality finished product. Anything less is not acceptable and would reduce the potential of the fibre.

Pettinature de Verona transform Jemala's raw product into exquisite "Top" with a hauteur of 62 millimetres, nearly twice as long as cashmere.

It is then shrink-proofed and spun to Jemala's exacting yarn specifications. The specifications have been determined after years of development with the most reputable spinners in Italy.

These processes ensure the finished garment will not only have the soft, sensuous Jemala - The Golden Fibre feel, but significantly reduces any pilling.

The pièce de résistance in the production of Jemala apparel is in the knitting. Jemala - The Golden Fibre has accessed the world's best knitters, Maglieria Gemma. Maglieria Gemma (note the similarity to the Jema stud name) has the only 45 gauge knitting machine in the world and ensures Jemala - The Golden Fibre products are knitted and finished at an unsurpassed level of quality.

Each step in the production of a Jemala - The Golden Fibre garment is uncompromising in its quality, so clients know they are getting the absolute best of the best.